Acupuncture, Massage & Chinese Herbs


In Edinburgh’s Old Town



Donald and practitioners welcome you to one of the first clinics in Edinburgh, entirely dedicated to Chinese medicine and run by members of The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and The Acupuncture Society.

We aim at providing a friendly, professional and accessible service to everyone. We are: Donald, Alan, Colin.




Due to the immense popularity of the Acupuncture Community clinic

Alba is now dedicated to providing “’ALL”’ acupuncture treatment at the ‘NEW’ rate of £25. We are now, officially, a full time Community Acupuncture Clinic, which means you can receive 1 hour of professional acupuncture from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday.

How much will it cost?

Opening Times:
Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday/Sunday  By Appointment






acupuncture1Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM is a comprehensive healthcare system based on ancient principles which go back nearly two thousand years. It has a very positive model of good health and function, and looks at pain and illness as signs that the body is out of balance. The overall aim of acupuncture treatment, then, is to restore the body’s equilibrium. read more

Fact sheets

The British Acupuncture Council has produced a number of fact sheets are produced to provide accurate and unbiased general information for a variety of conditions. They provide summaries of research and how acupuncture may be beneficial. You should always consult your GP if you have any concerns or talk to a BAcC registered acupuncturist.