Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Massage


In Edinburgh’s Old Town

Donald and practitioners welcome you to one of the first clinics in Edinburgh, entirely dedicated to Chinese medicine and run by members of The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and The Acupuncture Society.

We aim at providing a friendly, professional and accessible service to everyone.

We are Practitioners: Donald  Peter  Monika  


Due to the immense popularity of the Acupuncture Community clinic

Alba is now dedicated to providing “Community acupuncture treatment at the rate of £28. We are now, officially, a full time Community Acupuncture Clinic, which means you can receive 1 hour of professional acupuncture from 10am-6pm Monday to Sunday.

How much will it cost?

Opening Times:
Monday – Sunday 10am – 6pm
Evenings/Saturday/Sunday  By Appointment



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