Systematic Kinesiology ————— £40
Tuina Massage ———————— £35
Reiki ————————————- £35
Indian Head Massage ————– £35

(Acupuncture is generally integrated within a tuina or kinesiology session as required.)

Saturdays —— By Appointment


Member of the CThA

w_AlanAlan worked for many years in scientific research and pharmaceutical microbiology. During his scientific career, it became apparent a purely western scientific approach to medicine had something lacking.

Alan subsequently studied aromatherapy massage and Reiki to master level, before embarking on professional training with John Logue, an inspirational kinesiologist. Systematic Kinesiology is based on traditional Oriental knowledge of meridian energy flow with physiotherapeutic testing of muscles, and chiropractic and osteopathic techniques and concepts. It was a natural progression to study Tui Na and orthopaedic acupuncture. Alan undertook an apprenticeship with Richard White at The Haven Clinic followed by further study with Davie Sprott and Paul Robin of The College of Chinese Medicine.




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