Davie Sprott


Orthopaedic Acupuncture
Tuina Massage
Concession Learning Clinic

By Appointment —— 07956 325468 -please text-


Davie practices orthopaedic and spinal acupuncture, deep tissue massage (tuina), and related therapies such as cupping, moxa and electro acupuncture. He is also a qualified fitness instructor, believing that in physical therapy the clients own efforts to heal themselves through exercise etc, are just as important as what any therapist can offer!

He is greatly indebted to his teachers , Uncle Kai Uwe Jettkandt of Shaolin, Paul Robin, the head of the College of Chinese medicine and Errol lynch, founder of Tuina UK. And to his mentor Big Don with who he co founded Alba acupuncture clinic.


Prices : community clinic £28 for a 1hr session