Member of the British Acupuncture Council

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  10am – 6pm

Donald has been practicing acupuncture for 14 years. He is a dedicated full time practitioner of Chinese medicine with extensive training and great experience. Training has included auricular ( ear ) acupuncture, cupping therapy, qigong (Chinese exercise) and Chinese food energetics.

With determination to provide the most effective treatment, Donald is now a certified practitioner of  Abdominal (Turtleshell) Acupuncture. A fusion of classical acupuncture and modern research on the neural system in the abdomen. It is highly effective for chronic ailments that are difficult to treat. One of the few people practicing this type of Acupuncture in Scotland, he is able to provide one of the latest techniques used in Chinese Hospitals.

Previously an NHS nurse, Donald gained experience working for 6 years in medical and surgical wards, progressing to become an NHS24 Nurse advisor. You can feel secure in the knowledge that Donald will understand your health concerns and provide a safe and effective acupuncture treatment.
How I became an acupuncturist






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