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New Session For Beginners And Intermediate

New sessions for Wild goose qigong 1st 64 movements will begin on Sat 12th January fortnightly 9am – 10:30am. The session will be combined for beginners and improvers. The session will last 1.5 hours.


Saturday 12th January
Saturday February 9th/23rd
Saturday March 9th/23rd

Morningside United  Church, 15 Chamberlin Rd, EH10 4DJ.


Fees: £14 paid monthly or £8 drop in.


Learn About; Qi Gong philosophy, breathing effectively, Qi and energy centre awareness, enhancing Qi flow with soft and gentle body movements, strengthening and stretching, Rotating joints and spine stretching.


wQiGong1peronsDonald Stephen: “I initially learned about Qi Gong whilst studying acupuncture at the Northern college of Acupuncture in York. Qi Gong was practiced before starting classes to refresh and energise us (before we fell asleep again!). Taking this on further,  I learned some classic movements called the 8 brocades from a tai chi teacher called Eric Tessier Levigne, a lecturer at York. Then I came across “Zhang Zhong”- standing like a tree Qi Gong, which introduced me to how powerful and energising Qi Gong could be. I learned this from book form as it was
a simple practice to begin with. Then, becoming ever more enthusiastic and desiring  more proficiency, I enrolled in a teacher training course to learn Wild goose Qi Gong. This has helped me to develop to a deeper level.


For the past 3 years I have practiced daily and attended over 170 hrs of classes. I have now learned 5 different sets of Wild goose Qi Gong and I would call myself an efficient and improving practitioner of Qi Gong. My wish now is to start sharing my experience as I continue my own journey with this amazing powerful practice.”